Greek-American Families

Siomporas: Thomas and Evangeline

by Joanne Brew and Ted SiomporasThomas John Siomporas was a Greek immigrant who was a restaurateur. Evangeline was American-born and raised as an Annapolitan by

Sterago: Family

Sterago Family John David Sterago: born in Greece, unknown year Cafe owner, then barber on West Street died in Baltimore, May 3, 1958 married: Katherine

Samaras: Theodore and Katherine

Theodore and Katherine (Economou) Samaras written by their grandchildren Joanne Brew, Maria Liakos, and Ted Siomporas, based on oral history provided to them by their

Samaras: Nicholas T and Sara

Nicholas T. and Sara Samaras Nick came from a family with a rich Annapolis restaurant background. His parents, Theodore and Katherine Samaras, had been proprietors

Samaras, Liakos: Georgia Liakos

Georgia (Samaras) Liakos By: her daughters Maria, Karena, Diana, and Tara and nephew Ted Siomporas Georgia Samaras was born May 16, 1937 to Theodore and

Petros: Family Story

Ζαχαρίας Πέτρου Μοσκόβου (Zacharias Petrou Moscovou) was born on August 15, 1902 in a small village, Agia Triada, boarding the town of Yialousa, in the

Dimitrios Leanos: Family Ancestry

By Allen W. Alexopulos Greece in the late 1800’s was very different from the country that we know today. The northern part of the country

Kallis: Family History

John and Nora Kallis by Nick Kallis, George Kallis, and Elaine Kallis Vassos This adventure began in Agia Triada, Yialousa, Cyprus on a rock foundation

Mandris: Jim and Politeme

Jim and Politeme Mandris Dimitrios (known as Dimitraki) and Politeme Mandris were both born in Koumousta, Sparta, Greece. The first record of someone from our

Goumas-Gumas: Family

Goumas-Gumas Vasilios (Basile) Goumas was born to Ionnis “John” Goumas (or Ghounmas) and Ephrosine Alexiou on January 24th, 1885. He was born in a small

Samaras: Chris and Mary Samaras

Chris and Mary Samaras Chris was born on November 8, 1922 in Cambridge, MD to Daphne & George Samaras, who immigrated here from Trikala, Greece.

Samaras: Charlie and Bessie Samaras

Charlie (Constantine) and Bessie (Vasilia) Samaras By: Ted and George Samaras A special thanks to Ted Siomporas whose research was essential for this article Also

Plakatoris: Steve and Marguerite Plakatoris

Steve and Marguerite Plakatoris 1970 – Margie and Steve Steve Gus Plakatoris—July 26, 1917–July 31, 1990 Marguerite Koutsobaris Plakatoris—December 9, 1917–August 4, 1999 Steve’s Early

Piera: Mike & Kathe

Michael (Mike) & Kathe (Katina) Piera Michael (Mike) Piera joined the Annapolis Greek-Cypriot community in 1953. Upon marrying his wife, Kathe (Katina) in 1960, she

Pappas, Palaigos: The Early Years

PAPPAS & PALAIGOS – THE EARLY YEARS by Anthony P. Palaigos The Pappas/Palaigos early years and their respective contributions to the Greek/American community of Annapolis,

Nichols: The Nichols Family History

The Nichols family history Most people know our family from The Little Campus Restaurant which was a home away from home for many Annapolitans for

Loizou: Antigone Piera Loizou

Antigone (Piera) Loizou Antigone Piera Loizou joined the Annapolis Greek-Cypriot community in 1960. Born in Yialousa, Cyprus, this is her story. Growing Up in Cyprus

Lewnes: Lewnes Family History

Lewnes Family History In 1906, a boy of 14 ventured from Arna, a village in Sparta, Greece, to America on the English ship, Compania, with

Kyriacou: John and Maria Kyriacou

John and Maria Kyriacou by Jack Kyriakos Life began in Yialousa, Cyprus for our family. Yiannis Pallari was born on January 12, 1926 in Yialousa,

Fotos: The Fotos Family of Annapolis

THE FOTOS FAMILY OF ANNAPOLIS Alexandra “Alice” nee Peters fka Petrogiannis (1901 to 1970) married James “Jim” Fotos nee Dimitrios Fotopoulos (1894 to 1960) in

Lewnes: Lewnes family history

Lewnes Family History In 1906, a boy of 14 ventured from Arna, a village in Sparta, Greece, to America on the English ship, Compania, with