Annapolis Greek Heritage

Preserving the Legacy of Greek-Americans in the Annapolis Area

  • Greek American Families


    Siomporas: Thomas and Evangeline

    Thomas John Siomporas was a Greek immigrant who was a restaurateur. Evangeline was American-born and raised as an Annapolitan by Greek immigrants. Both Tom and Vangie were very active in the Annapolis Greek Community

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    Samaras: Chris and Mary

    Chris was born on November 8, 1922 in Cambridge, MD to Daphne & George Samaras, who immigrated here from Trikala, Greece. All of Chris’ siblings, Alice, Charles, Agoura and Nick

    A Story of Greek Folk Dance Dancing and Costume Making in Annapolis

    We are each a part of an important story. Often we seek to understand ourselves better through the stories of our families. For Greek-Americans in Annapolis, those stories include how our families worked to preserve a part of our heritage and culture through Greek folk dancing and costumes.